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Getting back to LED art and realizing you were never in: A mile high survey of today’s LED options.

 What is this, exactly?

For the last few months I’ve been going from old to new in terms of how modern LED art is done. This post serves as a summary around what I’ve learned about how modern protocols, drivers, data driving and generation seem to be done. I don’t claim to be an authority, but I definitely have an opinion.

 key point

Creating LED art installations is a lot easier thanks to the advent of a few pieces of technology and their combined use to enable close to plug and play design and operation.

  • OPC (controller agnostic control protocol)
  • High quality LED data drivers (including color correction & other important features)
  • WS2811/2/2b Cheap PWM drivers integrated in LEDs
  • Great off the shelf animation controller options

 If that was the key then this is the Lock

 The land before light

I went to school for Electrical and Computer Engineering. I had a leg up in...

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